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Thread: Looking for good suppliers of 6.5x47 lap brass

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    Looking for good suppliers of 6.5x47 lap brass

    Looking for a good cheap supplier of 6.5x47 lap brass and 129gr bullets and all other bits and bobs needed, going down to devon next week to pick up rifle so will be passing a lot of places on the way down from perth.
    ​Thanks Lyon

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    reloading solutions kidlington near oxford.

    and to make sure he has what you want call him and pay over the phone and pick it up on the way down also have a look at the heads on display....................ffs.


    Reloading Solutions Limited
    6, Cherwell Business Centre,
    Rowles Way,
    Kidlington. OX5 1LA.

    Telephone: +44-(0)1865 378200

    Sat Nav GPS Co-ordinates:
    N 51deg 49' 46.6"
    W 1deg 18' 2.4
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    We have all components for 6.5 x 47 on the shelf and we are only ten minutes from the M6. Give us a call and tell us what you need.We have five different bullets in 129 grain plus all the bergers loads of sierras and lapua bullets in bulk if you need them . Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    trent firearms are worth a try. always had good deals with the guy there to

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    Depending on where in Devon Try Blue fox glade in Chumleigh, can't recomend them highly enough.

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    Thanks for the info all sorted out with Brock And Norris and optics Warehouse.
    ​Thanks Lyon

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