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Thread: Bavarian-Mountain-Hound

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    Looking for some help off all of you that have experience of the above breed
    Would they make a good house dog or better kennelled,do they get on with other dogs
    Pros and cons of owning this tracking breed.
    training are they hard or easy
    temperament easy going or hard going
    ​Many thanks mark

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    mark mine is the only one i have known but she is a house hound she loves company she gets on with other dogs easy.
    training wise she does not like to be told off and sulks if you tell her off she is a proper diva.
    training has been straight forward and temprement wise she loves the kids and plays hide and seek i was told that they don't need much affection well indy did not read that part as she loves attention and follows me everywhere.she just needs company as she does not do well on her own but i do not know if that is all bavarians or a trait in her breeding so maybe the company of another dog would help in that matter but she comes to work with me anyway.
    I am really pleased with her as her job is second to none and is a pleasure to see in action she really wants to please.

    I am pleased with Indy and if anything happened to her i would definately not hesitate to have another, atb wayne
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    I would agree with all of the above. Definately a house hound and should not be kept outside.

    Why did you call you hound Indy? There was one on here looking for a home with the same name. A dog though.

    Have a look at this website.
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    Bob she was already named i got her at 9 months old as she needed a home and i wanted a dog to train to track In all honesty after listening to people and reading the threads i would look abroad at a bavarian or choose more carefully I do not know if Indy will be ok healthwise and can only hope she will be, only time will tell.
    they do like mental stimulation more so than huge amounts of exersize but again i can only go on her, atb wayne
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    Thank for info much appreciated
    ​Atb mark

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    Just a little advice on the Bavarian; do not put it in a kennel the during the day and leave it. This breed is very loyal and needs attention. It will get frustrated if its in an outside kennel without getting attention from people. That will affect its working goal in a very negative way.
    Also only get that type of dog when you actually can do tracking work with it. Not 2 times a year, but preferably once every two weeks.

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    They enjoy all the love and affection you can throw at them. They are very loyal dogs to their owners. They are hounds, and therefore do not listen to commands so easily, but be firm yet gentle with them during training. Keep them in doors if you can, but its also nice to have a kennel like I have to put them in during the day, especially if you out for the day in the summer.

    Be prepared for lots of chewing as a pup, I would not advise leaving the pup out of a cage in doors whilst out. It will eat everything ( or at least Todd did)
    The bitches can be a bit in tolerant as we have both dog and bitch.

    As for children, not usually a problem, they love the attention, however I have heard of one or two instances where a BMH has been a problem. But these are rare events in my opinion.

    As far as tracking is concerned, the dog needs work. Do not get one if you only shoot 5 or 6 deer a year. It will get bored, they need stimulation and work to keep them occupied.

    Good luck with your search.

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    I'm new to bmh
    mines nine months and he's a one man dog dosent like kenneling dosent like being left and wants to be at my side 24-7 great nose soft as a pudding hard mouthed but great lad tho
    ​im sure you'll enjoy a BMHBMH

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