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Thread: To stain or not to stain!

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    To stain or not to stain!

    Having spent the past 3 days stripping the very thick and shiny varnish off my Browning A bolt I'm ready to give it an oil finish...when the oil turns up off Ebay that is!.
    The trouble is, I cant make my mind up whether to stain the chequered parts of the stock first before I oil it. I've painted a bit of water on these parts just to give an idea what it'll look like but bear in mind the whole stock will be darker when I oil it, and the stained bits will just look a little bit darker and will merely highlight the chequering......Or should I just stop messing about and with a good bit of wood?



    As it was before I started messing about

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    Being a Synthetic owner I think the 2 tone looks nice, it will make it individual to you.

    From the water staining you did, you should go for it.


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    Yup - stain the whole lot before oiling - just make sure the stain is compatable!

    Are those dings in the stock going to be steamed out before further work? If not, you really ought to investigate the technique.

    Wet rag and household iron will do the trick.



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    I'd steam the dings out and just oil it,if you did get any seapage of stain away from the chequering it might end up a right mess,i'd just use a good wood oil easy to top up,some of the stock finishes like the london stuff can be a pain in the ass especially on chequering.

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