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Thread: Zero range for a NV .22 subsonic set up

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    Zero range for a NV .22 subsonic set up

    Hi all

    I'm just moving to having a dedicated NV set up on a .22lr and was after a little advice on what range to zero it at.

    Ruger 10/22 (yes, yes, I know but it was my first rifle and it's older and substantially more reliable than my adult children) with a 16 inch barrel, Yukon photon, Winchester subsonic .22lr and a SAK mod.

    I tend to shoot most of my rabbits at around 40m which is well within the visible working range of the photon so should I just zero as I would normally or do I need to do something different ? Logically, I'm guessing you don't treat it any differently ?

    Any help/suggestions gratefully received.



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    Personally I set my zero at 50 yards, this really saves any worry about holdover/under, you will be within 1/2 inch either way from 20 out to nearly 60 yards. 30 to 40 yards would be where most of my shots are taken with NV.

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    Why not zero it just as you would have zeroed a normal scope, therefore not having to adjust your hold over etc ?

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    Nowt wrong with a Ruger. Zero as normal. Remember that you can use the Photon day and night, so its a good all round scope. I don't feel like I shoot bunnies at any different a distance, day or night
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    Zero as normal, reminds me I need to try some different bullets with my ruger to tighten the gap so to speak.
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