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Thread: Snipersystems Rifle Lamp

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    Snipersystems Rifle Lamp

    Need to get another lamp so who uses one, does the beam give the illumination they claim ie define target at 350 yards + how do you rate it to any other rifle mounted lamps.

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    My light is just like the one on their website only I have the green beam... You can pick them up on ebay or something like china direct (they are chinese anyway) with a remote switch for less than 50 bucks... With my green light, I can pick up eyes way out there (have to measure sometime, but guessing 6-7 hundred meters... identified whether the spots I saw were pig or roe at 300+/- a little and am able to identify perfectly (with scope) bark patterns on trees at 200 +/- a little. White would probably do better, but the green doesn't bother the animals.

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