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Thread: Next hogdon delivery end of year

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    Next hogdon delivery end of year

    We have just spoken to Edgar Brothers and have been seeking to get clarification as to the next powder delivery time. We were told that the next shipment is due at the end of the year. However there will be no Varget on that shipment. I repeat again for those who do not read posts fully or constantly ask for what is not available . THERE WILL BE NO VARGET ON THE NEXT EDGAR BROTHERS SHIPMENT FROM HOGDON.I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news , but it may well be time people started to look for alternatives. Yours Respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    Glad ive ordered a couple of cases of Short Cut for 2014

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    Moved to Ramshot Tac recently never looked back.

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    Good job I've got about 9Kg of N140 then

    I switched after 1 tub of Varget to N140/TR140 and never went back, only Hodgdon powders I still use are TiteGroup in the .44 for indoor loads and H110 for the 300aac outdoor rounds.
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    The Alliant powders seem in good supply here. The only Hogdons I use is Benchmark, I have a couple of tubs here, dealer also has stock.

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    glad i moved over to vit140 and have 414 and 4895 instock .but if anyone use's hornady /hodgdon SuperFormance i have one new lb pot was goner try it in the .243 but not going to bother now the 140 is doing the job tub info says 22-250 .243.300wsm 45 picked up

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    End the end of which year? Did they clarify?
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    Switched to N140 and Ramshot TAC. Better groups never looked back

    Hogdon had its day. There are better alternatives out there IMHO


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    Was there s reason why varget is still hard to get when all others are available.

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    I've got a tub and half of Varget here that I am probably not going to use.

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