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Thread: target rifle ID (any help appreciated)

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    target rifle ID (any help appreciated)

    my sister has been offered this, limited info:

    any help on ID?
    ideally looking to restock into a left hander
    so would like to know what the action is if anyone recognises it
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    Looks like a Swing to me but I may well be wrong as I know little about these rifles.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Suggest you contact Donald McIntosh at Edenkillie. He deals with stuff for target rifle shooters. You'll get him through the Edenkillie web site.

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    It looks like a Neilsen MN300 to me! Made in Australia! (sorry couldn't resist )

    Its not a Swing as the back of the bolt is different. The Swing has a flat rear to the action and the bolt has a thin cap with a single slot in it for tightening (a Paramount is similar but has a hexagonal / allen key hole).

    Given the shape of the rear of the action and the bolt shape it looks like an RPA quadlite. There are some good pictures of a Quadlite TR on the Fultons if Bisley website (I tried to post a link but haven't posted enough yet!!). I've not come across one myself. If you do a search for Nielsen MN300 the first item is a Gunmart ad for a very similar looking rifle.

    Rear sight appears to be of the AE Clarke / Central / Lynx variety which are ok if there's no play and the foresight is a standard non-adjustable 18mm which, if you're shooting at a variety of ranges, I would suggest you change for an adjustable one. Also bear in mind that if the Gunmart ad is anything to go by, if your sister is every likely to be coached in a team match then the coach will not thank her for having non-standard 1/3 minute elevation on the rear sight!!!

    Hope this helps...


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    You blighter Brewsher why didn't you post that photograph in the first place.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    ah, I was sure it was a Barnard...there I go being wrong again

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    sorry only just found a pic of the other side of the action!!

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    For more info on the gun, I'd contact Norman Clarke Gunsmiths. I believe they imported it...

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    oo, now that is interesting. will pick his brains
    he didn't import this one as that kitchen top is in New Zealand!!

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    Yep, that would be difficult!
    He's about the only RFD I've ever seen with Neilsens on sale in the past so still worth an ask. Just to put a value on it for your sister.

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