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Thread: Poachers and Exmoor Red Deer

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    More Poaching

    Just heard this on the local news.

    11 severed heads found in lay bye..................brainless scum springs to mind.

    Little wonder stag numbers appear to be down.

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    Sign of the times I'm afraid!! goes on more than you think! not good though I must add.

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    How are we to stop this from happening? It's happens all too frquently
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    Just been offered some stalking around Molton for Red and Roe. Looking into it further to see what deer are in that area so must be Red at least.

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    I take it the rest of the carcasses weren't present? Must take some finding and handling that volume of deer. I'm assuming they're taken to be one night's work and it won't turn out to be a favoured parking spot of a local guide?!? Not the work of a couple of brainless dog lads in any event. Have the police made polite enquiries of all game handling establishments within striking distance
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deerstalkermark View Post
    How are we to stop this from happening? It's happens all too frquently
    stop buying venison

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    Poachers and Exmoor Red Deer

    Edit Just noticed Charlie Ts post on the same subject

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    several hundred pounds for antlers, anybody want to buy a set of 13 pointers, there will always be poachers as long as you can sell deer.

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    where do you think the empera went

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    How has anyone come to the conclusion the deer have been poached because they have come across some deer heads in a lay by? Or have I missed something in the reporting?
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