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Thread: .270 Win.

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    .270 Win.

    As a user/owner of the above I occasionally hear shooters criticising the caliber. In an area of Scotland where I stalk, its not really liked at all. Local stalkers tend to prefer either .243, .308 or .300WM.
    Any particular reason for this ?
    I use 130 grn Ball. S Tips and I really like the rifle !
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    Why worry about what others say. The .270 like others before it has gone out of fashion, it was one of the first choice calibres in the highlands not too many years ago and accounted for 10's of thousands of deer. Not a good selection of reloading components maybe one factor in its decline. Love my old .270 and wouldn't change it even if I was given a Blaser

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    There's plenty of reloading components available! bullet weights from 90 grains upwards. and factory ammo ranging from 100grain upwards (the 100 grain rounds are great as are the 110 v-max)
    Recoil is no longer an issue with the 270 as moderators sort that, and meat damage is no worse than other calibres, it's down to shot placement and many other factors.
    I'm on my third 270, and it's the only centrefire I own or need, I reload for it, I have a moderator on it, I kill extremely well with it. job done

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    Personal preferences I guess, however I traded in my .243 and have a .270 on order awaiting my variation arriving. I needed something with more knock down power due to the chance of deer running over march fences and with the .243 that was more of a possibility when engine room shot. My shooting friends pointed me in the direction of the .270. Also that's what the forestry boys use and everyone knows how many deer are taken by the Commission. Also using the Swarovski ballistic program sees this round very flat shooting out to good hill distances which is another bonus. I for one am going for a T8 on the end for all the known reasons and the fact I wanted a one of the heavier moderators on the end. Very much looking forward to getting some rounds through it.

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    The t8 is a good choice for the 270, I use one. Although I am now opting for a lighter weight mod for carrying purposes and older age!
    If you are shooting reds then I suggest using 130 grain bullets or above if you that extra thump, However.... the lighter ones do a grand job on the roe, rarely exit and very very few run when hit in the boiler room. the lighter rounds allow a flatter trajectory too. My mate uses nothing except factory Remington 100 grains on everything to great success and I know a chap in Ireland who used the same round exclusively for shooting sika.
    You WILL like the 270 when you start killing stuff!!
    For the record... my mate uses a ase utra s5 on his sako 270 and it's as quiet as my t8, choice is yours re. mod if you have a light rifle then a heavy mod will do perfectly.

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    The dealer recommended the T8 and I was happy to get rid of my Predator 8 and having shot my mates un-moderated BSA .270 I definitely wanted something solid screwed on the end. Will definitely be going for the 130 grainers but will also maybe like 5-10 rounds of the 110grainers for as you say roe or occasional fox, be handy keeping 2-3 in the stock pack. As for ammo will need to see what Bushwear have, my mate loves Norma so will also give it a try but think the dealer is throwing in a box of Remington or Winchester which will run the barrel in for me. I'll be forgetting Federal for sure, that stuff is now rarer than a hens tooth!

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    Do not worry, what ever you use someone will always tell you there is something better. As long as it is larger enough, which it is for the UK it will be fine. Using the correct tip is more important, you need good penetration and something that will l not do too much meat damage.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    I love my .270 & using the Federal Powershock SP's in 130 grain has put a lot of reds and roe in the larder with probably less meat damage than my .243 if the truth be told.

    The moderator I chose was the ASE JetZ & again, does all its asked, certainly heavier than a lot of mods on the market but I dont find it a problem.

    I was out the other day checking zero after swapping scope mounts, first group to see how the poi had changed and second lower group was after adjustment.
    I was shooting off the bonnet of the pick up with a roe sack for support at app 120 yds.
    I could probably get better groups if I reloaded but I'm more than happy with these results for deer stalking using factory ammo.

    Seems many myths and stories of excessive recoil associated with the .270 but not my findings, I quite like the reassuring nudge when the trigger is pulled

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    I hear the same thing here fairly regularly. Over the years I've seen almost every species of game in Alberta ( except Moutain Goat, but its perfect for them too ) cleanly taken with a 270. As with any caliber, shot placement and proper bullet construction are more important than anything else. Unfortunately, its like everything else these days, some people confuse newer with better. The 270 has ample energy, a flat trajectory and manageable recoil, by any standard that makes an excellent cartridge. It is a truly classic round.


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    Its not trendy
    that is fine by me, keeps the market down on 277 bullets and second hand rifles!!

    whats not to like about it
    1" high at 100
    zero at 200
    6" drop at 300

    Kills everything you point it at
    recoil is a consequence of poor rifle fit and IMO the fact that throughout the last 50 years estate rifles were more often than not 270's
    estate rifles are more often used by inexperienced shooters who are shocked as a first experience of recoil

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