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Thread: Pick of litter

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    Pick of litter

    We have just had a litter of pups and the dogs owner that we put it too has nt decided wether he wants pick of litter or price of a pup. The pups are 6 weeks old and I'm wanting to let people come and pick the pups and then they are away for 8 weeks old, but he is saying they don't want to make a desion on the pup till it 7-8 week old. This means that if he wants one that's been picked by someone else, I'll have to give back word on that pup. Where do I stand. I feel like I'm been messed about.

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    just give him the price of the pup or tell him if he wants the pick he better be quick

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    I've given him to weekend. He messed about giving me pedigree to register pups. Just feel I'm been messed about. Just wanting to know what's the normal process

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    IMHO at 6 weeks old they should have a pretty good idea on the pups.
    i don't feel they change that much more in 2 weeks.
    Not long ago I had pick of a litter, we agreed to,have chosen by 6 weeks.

    I would say he is being unreasonable. If you have what you need just carry on and he can have whats left.

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    The normal process would have been to have all the paperwork from the stud as soon as the pups were born so the registration can be carried out ASAP and that way when the pups go they go with their paperwork.

    If you are now in possession of the paperwork I wouldn't even give him another day to think about it. He either tells you now what one he wants or he is told too late, here's the cash from a pup. Pups are picked well before 8 weeks of age when they are in effect ready to go by then.

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    Jamross My pick of the litter went to a nice lady from this site and i asked her politely to come and pick she came at 6 weeks to pick and at 8 to take it away. Your problem mate is your to soft get him told and get the paperwork done the new owners should then at least have a half chance at getting the papers when they pick up their new puppy.

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    the way I sold mine was to take a deposit at 5/6 weeks old.the first deposit got the first pick (this could be you stud owner) the so on until there all deposited
    at the end of the day in the two weeks before being collected the pups could and can change,so best to pick which one on the day there due to go,just let each person have a 1 hour slot between coming
    worked great for me and when you explain to potential buyers the reason they do understand

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    That's the way I do it too, The best way as you say puppies appearance
    ​change a lot in 2 weeks.

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    I would have thought it should have been sorted before the mating took place.

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    Personally with my last litter it was all agreed up front, in this case I would tell him to do one as you are being messed about and stand the chance of having to look after a lot of pups for a long time. Mine were mostly all spoken for between 3 and 4 weeks and yes they change by the time they go but you have enough to go on and I don't think anyone was disapointed when they collected theirs. Of course if they are all black labs then you don't have the problem!

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