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Thread: Lab needs a home

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    Lab needs a home

    Stan 7 yo Lab
    working gundog, seven year old, needs re homing due to owner's ill health. Usually a donation is required but that would still give you a working gundog at a very good price. I have no idea the quality of the training and have not seen the dog personally. Jim

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    Whereabouts? How's the dogs health?
    Merda taurorum animas conturbit

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    Dog is in Northumberland. Contact for further info. The dog will be health checked and neutered pre re homing. As I said I have helped the spaniel rescue for years but I have not met this dog. Jim

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    Looks like a cracking dog Jim, if only I had room in the kennel. I hope he finds a good working home.

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    Nice looking dog Jim. I made the mistake of looking at the other dogs that are looking for homes, the chocolate Cocker is stunning, I must resist or I will be single, again!!
    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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