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Thread: .17 Hmr

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    .17 Hmr

    i know its not a stalking rifle, need ya advice

    I think i have sorted the good reason for getting a .243 as im doing deer stalking, bought days etc.

    But i also wanna get a 17hmr, ive got no land of my own, but i do go vermin shooting with invites etc is this good enough reason if i get a letter from the invites, also is .17hmr ok for general target shooting within clubs?

    so guys any idea if i do get one, what .17hmr for target/vermin shooting?


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    I own four 17HMRs (yes, I'm a Yank...) and even did some work with them back when they were a pre production prototype cartridge. I like it. It is accurate and mean looking, if you know what I mean.

    Unfortunately, the quality of the ammo these days varies from Lot to Lot in wide leaps. What shot well one batch/brand won't necessarily shoot well the next time out. Here in the States, all HMR is made by the Hornady/CCI/Federal group and packaged under differnent labels under contract. Your choices are limited.

    To offset my 17HMR's I also have a half dozen 22 Magnums and, after six years of side by side comparison, have decided the 22 Magnum is the better cartridge. Accuracy is consistent, bullet performance is consistent and it is more powerful than the 17HMR. My favorite 22 WMR is a CZ 452 American that will shoot 3/4" clusters at 100M using the (Inexpensive) Federal "Classic" 30 grain HP @ 2340 fps. It will stop vermin dead. I have killed X hundreds of ground squirrels and rabbits with it. At 50M a western US cottontail rabbit will explode on impact.

    With the 22WMR you get bullet weights of 30, 33, 34, 38, 40, and 50 grains at corresponding velocities. With the HMR you get 17 and 20 grains. The versatility card is on the 22WMR's side of the table.

    For target shooting, either will drain your wallet and shoot well. In the field, my money is on the 22 WMR. JMHO, of course....~Muir

    PS: If you do get a 17HMR, make it a CZ!

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    have to agree with what muir says at the end if you do go for a .17hmr deffo go with the cz
    a nice cheap but accurate rifle

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    You can't use a 17HMR in the UK for target shooting, there is only expanding ammo available for them, so therefore no compsí to shoot them in.



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