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Thread: Advice on bsa stutzen in 243

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    Advice on bsa stutzen in 243

    Hi everyone, I am new to deerstalking and would like some advice please on the bsa stutzen in 243.i am looking to purchase one of these rifles, and any help and advice on them would be great, thanks tim.

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    Hello Legionarie, I have two CF2 rifles. My .243 has a 23" barrel (not the Stutzen) and althought bought second hand 30 years ago, will still produce 1" groups. It has a 4x 40 Ednar scope (Japanese) and I have thought about changing it from time to time, but it seldom moves off zero.
    My stutzen is in 6.5x55, 19 inch barrel and is of similar accuracy and i usually take that one stalking rather than the Sako in the same calibre.
    You may struggle to get the velocity to give 1700 Ft/Lbs with .243 and a 19" barrel. but in Scotland rules are different and I beleive thet the minimum requirement is a 100 grain bullet.

    Good Hunting.

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    Thanks for that, appreciated, tim.

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    I have a stutzen in 308 fantastic rifle verry accurate less than 1'' at 100 yrd it cost me 360 with scope it is one of the last ones made 1985. it was shot a couple of times and then put away for many years. i have put a 6x42 swork on the top it is when rifles were made to a good std. iff you can find a good one thay are well worth it

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    I have one in 270 and love it it won't be leaving my ticket its too good to let go,atb wayne
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    Thanks lads for info, does anybody know of any 243 bsa stutzens for sale,

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    I too have a bsa stuzen in 270.albeit 25+years old still shoots through the same hole.if you ever want a go i can sort an indoor range in bangor.

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    Hi Legionaire,The gun shop rugby is offering one for 399. Cheers High seat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Legionaire View Post
    Thanks lads for info, does anybody know of any 243 bsa stutzens for sale,

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    My CF2 Stutzen in 270 Win was my first rifle purchase. it was new shop soiled as it gained a couple of marks to it whilst on the rack in the shop. I thought that the barrel length was 20" but of course I am unable to check on that at this present time.

    I have always been very happy with mine and in fact used it to shoot in the clubs annual 600 yard comp for a few years until they banned the use of scopes.

    Sorry i do not know of any for sale.

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    I also have a BSA CF2 Stutzen in .270 and love it. However if its your only rife I would think twice as you may want to have a moderator to be acceptable in today's mixed up world. My Stutzen is a luxury second rifle. When I say luxury it only cost me 90 but have since put a nice Meopta scope on it.

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