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Thread: semi auto 22lr advise

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    semi auto 22lr advise

    Hi Guys

    i am thinking of doing a one to one variation from a 22lr bolt action to a 22lr semi auto for bunny control

    but i have never owned a semi auto before so a few questions if i may

    can you use subsonic ammo in a semi ???

    which semi would you buy (max budget 400 ish)????

    ive been looking at rugar 10/22 they any good ???



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    had the ruger thingy hated it as the bolt slap after each shot was louder than the round going off ! mine did't like subs so i had to use tenx so bunnys would get wise to it moved to the CZ never looked back Attachment 34160

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    I would stick to a bolt action, never found any of the semi autos to be better than them. A bolt action will fire any ammo you put through it, semi autos can be fussy creatures.


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    II'd never buy an auto but especially not a 10 / 22 they're awful I've not heard a good word about them
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    If you're stuck on the idea of a semi auto .22lr, the Sig522 model has the best reviews. Most reliable, not too fussy on ammunition (not sure about subs) easy to strip and clean.

    They're about 800 ish depending on model, so out of your price, although second hand ones can be had for around 600 which is a bit nearer the mark.

    There are five models, although only three are available in UK. The Classic which has a plastic foregrip and can have accessory rails screwed on. The SWAT which has an aluminium quad rail foregrip- no so comfortable to grip, but easy to add foregrips, torches, lasers, any other crap you want to bolt to your rifle. The final version is the Target, which has a round tube foregrip, allowing a fully floating barrel.

    One other point to note. None of these come with ANY sight. No iron sights, no scope mounts. The reaseon being that most people will equip their rifle with a scope, or dot sight of sorts, so they dont include iron sights as standard. this "keeps costs down" (increases SIG profit!) Iron sights are available, but not cheap.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    I would stick to a bolt action, never found any of the semi autos to be better than them. A bolt action will fire any ammo you put through it, semi autos can be fussy creatures.

    I agree with the above I've used three different ones over the years and they are fussy and noisy. Nothing worse than your weapon jamming just at the crucial moment .

    It might be worth looking at the new straight pull .22lr that's available, I've never seen too much advantage in stalking rifles but I could with the rimfires.

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    The CZ 512 is very good, accurate and not fussy where ammo is concerned. I certainly wouldn't go for a 10/22.

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    I had a rem597 for several years.It was a great rifle, but with the later mags as it has a reputation for failing to feed, mag related.VQ hammer and extractor at not much cost, it was a shooter and i really miss it now.A mate has the 10/22, and i dont rate them standard.Small dimensions and if you really want a decent gun out of it you need to replace most of it.
    ​ Another mate has the cz511, the older model, which can be picked up cheaply.He paid 150 quid for it and really, if i was to have another semi, i`d get one.Acurate and reliable.

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    Just bought myself a CZ 511 for the princely sum of 45!
    Not tried it yet but having had one previously I do rate them but as has been said for accuracy and quietness in use you will ot beat a bolt action

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    Guys the 10/22 is a great rifle and amazingly reliable. I have, hand on heart, fired thousands and thousands of rounds through mine in the last year alone and its a sewing machine.

    BUT for rabbit control I would not recommend it. Semi auto is just not quiet. The 10/22 is not designed to run on sub-sonics and depending on who you listen to it will or it wont. I feed mine CCI Mini Mag and its faultless.

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