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Thread: .17hmr advice

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    .17hmr advice

    i know its not a stalking rifle, need ya advice

    I think i have sorted the good reason for getting a .243 as im doing deer stalking, bought days etc.

    But i also wanna get a 17hmr, ive got no land of my own, but i do go vermin shooting with invites etc is this good enough reason if i get a letter from the invites, also is .17hmr ok for general target shooting within clubs?

    so guys any idea if i do get one, what .17hmr for target/vermin shooting?


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    If you want it for target Anschutz has got be the way to go,also make an equally good vermin rifle,hundreds of rabbits round here would testify to that if they could,trouble is telling where the 2nd, 3rd ect have gone because they'll be in the same hole
    Don't know about the land use though,can't see it should be a problem,but range use would probably be ok,duno.

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    Two problems with .17HMR for target shooting;

    1. Expanding ammunition not allowed.

    2. If a rimfire range the velocity will probably exceed that permitted by the range safety certificate.

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    What about outside ranges?

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    What about outside ranges?

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    Outdoor or indoor it makes no difference, if it is approved or certified you must abide by the rules and the conditions on your own certificate.

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    the ranges that ill be using will be military ranges

    will have to get a copy of range standing order and she what they state

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    .17 HMR is ok on military ranges, as long as it's a gallery range for centrefire use, (FMJ only)

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    Do your self a favor, buy a 22 hornet . for range use, vermin & fox, to re-load , & have fun @ 150yds +.

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    finnbear270 you are quite right about it needing to be FMJ on military ranges but goldy will also need to be aware of range standing orders.
    I have seen range safety certificates that show velocity and muzzle energy limits for both rimfire and centrefire on the same range.
    The result is that you can use .22LR but not .17HMR because it exceeds the velocity limit for rimfire on the safety certificate, you can also use 7.62mm because that falls within the limits but not .22-250 because that exceeds the velocity limit when we all know that 7.62mm generates a much higher muzzle energy.
    The conclusion that the military have therefore drawn is that the range is safe for 7.62mm but not .17HMR, go figure that one out.

    And before anyone comes back and says that often these restrictions are for good safety reasons e.g. not allowing rimfires at short range on many fullbore ranges because the possibility of bullets bouncing back off the targets, all I would add is look at the standing orders and comply with them.Also don't forget that you have to comply with the conditions on your F.A.C.

    A firearms enquirey officer recently told me in the most certain of terms that shooters must have a target shooting condition on their certificates in order to shoot on approved ranges. He agreed that given the oportunity to use a properly constructed range must be safer than an improvised range in the field. However he was insistant that unless mention was made on the shooters certificate they would be breaking the law and liable to prosecution.
    The daft thing is that if that shooter joined a club he could use a club rifle or another members rifle (with their permission) under the club rifle exemption, but not his own until the necessary authority was granted. Could another club member use that member's rifle???

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