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    College assignment


    Bit of an odd question, but I am doing an assignment for my college course on the rise in Muntjac numbers and wondered if anyone had authoritative information on roughly how many Muntjac were released from Woburn at the turn of the century?

    I've had a read of "Muntjac - managing an alien species" (which is a superb book) but it doesn't detail even a rough idea of numbers released. Also any authoritative information on current Muntjac numbers would be really handy as well. Current estimates say between 150,000 and 200,000.


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    good person to speak to about muntjac numbers and their spread is Dr Alistair Ward at FERA, He has written papers on the subject and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.
    Give FERA a ring and ask to speak to him and get his email address.



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    Have you read any of norma chapmans papers......? She has written extensively about muntjac.
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    I know that there were further, deliberate, releases post war in several locations - apparently woburn sourced - would be well worth contacting someone there.

    If you haven't read eileen sopers book, its well worth finding a copy

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    Arnold Cooke's papers are well worth reading too. They cover the history of Muntjac in and around Cambridgeshire for many years. Arnie is still producing papers although retired now. He also contributes to the BDS magazine sometimes.

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    Many thanks for all the tips folks
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