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Thread: Man critical after Stag ( Buck) Attacks.

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    Man critical after Stag ( Buck) Attacks.

    Just heard on Welsh news, a man has been critically injured following an attack by a stag (not many details but more probably a Fallow Buck).

    Hope its no-one from SD, also hoping he makes a full recovery.

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    Though thankfully a very rare event, it can happen hope he recovers ok.

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    There have been a few incidents on Arran over the years where walkers have been "worried" by stags. Usually when the walkers have been accompanied by dogs, but when you've seen a Stag in the rut try and take on a car you'll believe anything..... the Red mist maybe?!

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    Also sika in ceridigion!

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    Have we maneating red stags now

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    we are used to them running away but deer are full of power and very fast
    hope the man recovers
    cheers lister

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    Quote Originally Posted by 270wsm View Post
    There are Reds in Cereidigion
    Quote Originally Posted by stalker.308 View Post
    Also sika in ceridigion!
    Does anyone know the source of the red and sika population? Or did they swim from Ireland?

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    An old wildlife park.

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    I have heard of the sika around Cardigan, but never Reds. Are they wild or park escapees?
    Seems from the latest report that it was indeed a wild Red Stag.
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