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    I am shortly to travel by rail and would like to take a centre fire and semi auto shotgun. Do you think I would be okay if both weapons were transported securely in a locked suitcase or hard lockable gun case, the bolt was transported in a separate lockable case and that all luggage remained in my possession and I remained the only key holder. I would not be carrying any ammo and would inform my insurers.
    Have I taken all reasonable precautions as regards storage, transport, and unauthorised use? Do I need to consult the Police or rail officials?
    Thanks for your comments.

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    I have carried my shotgun & cartridges on a train before with no problems. I'm not sure if your supposed to inform anyone....i didn't and no one questioned me. they were kept in a bag that could have held anything distinguishing marks etc.

    I'm sure if they are in a locked hard case there wouldn't be any problems...i had my .22rf in a hard case...the mrs didn't realise what it was (and she knew i had a .22) to the point that she thought i had a musical instrament in the car - and she knows i can't play an instrament. My poiont is unless its got "FIREARMS" written all over the side...most Joe Bloggs off the street probably won't know the difference.

    Just make sure you have all the correct paper work though just in case you do get asked to explain yourself. haveing the bolt etc kept separate will show responsibility if you do get asked to explain yourself.


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    A friend of myne has visited me before with his rifles and he just informed one of the porters that he have rifles in a hard case and they took it from him and put it into save hold luggage and he got to travel in 1st class aswell becuase of his rifles,he didnt had any problems.


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    Kool next time I go to London on business taking a violin case tell em it's me Tommy gun see if they put me in first class

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