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Thread: 9.3x 62

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    9.3x 62

    hi can anyone recommend any bullets or even heads for the above calibre for boar. thanks

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    I take it that by "bullets" you really mean ammunition and that by "heads" you mean bullets ???

    The only bullets that I have actually used on boar in my 9.3x74r are 250 grn Nosler ballistic tips which were the only ones that I could obtain at the time. They did the job but there again it's a fair old lump of a bullet despite being at the lower end of bullet weights for the 9.3mm. I believe that these have now been discontinued.
    It's a cracking calibre but unfortunately we are poorly served in this country as regards bullet selection. I did pick up some 172 grn Sellior & Bellot bullets from Westlander for a very reasonable price but these were really intended for loading in 9.3x72r rifles so would be very light for either the 9.3x62 or the 9.3x74r.

    The Sportsman had a fair stock of Speer 270 grn bullets in stock back last year other than that I would be looking abroad for bullets. Ammunition wise I would think that you will have to order it in with most gunshops but the calibre should be well served by the likes of Norma and RWS.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Scudd, try Sellier and Bellot - ammo is effective as are their 285gr bullets for reloading. Trust me I've been through the mill and examined all the options. The only downside is that the importers ( Edgar Bros ) don't carry much stock. Chris.

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    Forget Edgar Bros for Sellior & Bellot try Mike at Westlander nice guy and most helpful.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    buy bullets for reloading from the states and have it sent over, cliffs is great for hard to get stuff

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    I like RWS T-Mantel 282gr in factory rolled. Popular here anyway.



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    +1 for 250gr Nosler bt, but any 9.3x62 round will do fine for boar. Go for a lighter bullet if you want to shoot deer at any distance. The 250gr Nosler is fine out to 200m.

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    Now I use GECO Softpoint 16,5 gr with my Benelli ARGO 9,3x62, without scope. I need mainly a good stopping power, because the firing range is in 90% of cases, between 5 and 10 meters.
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    You may ask some on here, I use my 9.3x62 a lot, either the R 93 while highseating for boar, or on about 50 driven hunts each season with my custom made bolt action Mauser....

    A great caliber for shooting in the forest, with distances to cover of about 100 meters, please not much more...

    I also use it for dispatching when tracking, in dense cover, often with brunches between me and the animal...

    I am using a reloaded Norma 15 grams Vulcan, loaded with as much powder as possible.

    Since last winter I had to switch to lead free ammunition and I am happy with the Barnes VorTSX, it drops them, a good bloodtrail, a lot of hair on the exit side, and a high shocked reaction....

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