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Thread: Re-whitening skull

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    Re-whitening skull

    As the title says, can I re-whiten a poorly done skull with peroxide, if so do I warm the skull again before applying.


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    Just soak white tissue paper in peroxide and lay/dab it all over the skull for a day or so then leave to dry (in the sun if you find any)!

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    Yes,just do it again and allow to soak in over night,as SS said soak with peroxide soaked cotton wool....

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    wee tip

    if your other half knows a hairdresser buy a bottle of peroxide paste / cream off of her and just paint on with a wee brush and leave in an old chinese takeaway carton.... no paper or tissue required and stuff stays on well , better i think than the straight fluid


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    Cheers!! Fir the advice.


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    Apparently it works better on a soaked damp skull
    I'd also be careful about how long you leave it as there are different strengths.
    All I know is that 40 minutes of 35% strength was enough for mine.
    If I were in your shoes I'd go carefully or you could damage the skull, obviously having just done one I regard myself as an expert

    Good Luck

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    George, I soak the head first, just done one for a client I mix 35% peroxide with a small amount of house hold bleach, cover the skull using a white haired paint brush then cover it with white kitchen towel cover again with the mix and leave for 2-3 hours then wash under cold water tap. Came out really nice client was very happy with the head. Jon

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    I'm waiting on peroxide coming so when it does I will carry out as above, many thanks.


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    Peroxide paste for hair works good. It gets ear wax out too

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    Do you know where I might purchase a gallon of peroxide bleach for soaking a deer skull?

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