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    Hallo, I am Francesco, farmer from Pavia (Italy).

    Pavia is near to the hills of "oltrepò" known for wines and rich with roes and, above all, boars.
    In last years a lot of boars have moved to the plane causing a lot af damage to agricolture.

    We can stalk, or perhaps shoot since we normally wait for animals on "altana", roes, fallow deers, red deers. In the Alps, a hundred km north, also camosci and mouflons. Boars are shooted in drive with dogs.

    I have the licence for large animals since 1990 but I usually shoot pheasants over dog (Bracco italiano, of course ).

    Sorry for my english and my compliments for your beautiful forum.


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    Warm welcome from the Scottish Borders.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks to everyone for the welcome.

    I forgot to say that I am a bit old-fashoned and I shoot with a 7X64 Mannlicher Shoenauer (I own a BSA CF2 in the same caliber, as well and I am going to buy an old .243 Husqvarna).

    For those who think that this is the stalker paradise I'd better explain that in Italy wild animals are public property and, unless you pay to have a game farm (not easy to obtain), hunters and shooters can enter in private property just paying national licence. Roes, deers, etc. are assigned to hunters if they partecipate to animal census in winter.

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