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Thread: Yearling Roe buck - strong gamey taste

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    Yearling Roe buck - strong gamey taste

    I shot a yearling Roe buck earlier this week, the broadside shot was good (heart/lung), gralloch done inmediately, however I found that the esophagus was ruptured so some green material and blood mixed and contaminated the cavity, so I rinsed it out, no abnormalities found, hung for 24 hours at approx 12-14 C (outside) , than skinned and butchered, jointed meat in the fridge at 4 C. to mature for a few more days.
    Cooked the loint today (pan-fried in butter, like a beef fillet steak) and inmediately noticed the quite strong 'gamey' smell, almost as if cooking a mature rabbit buck. Tasting the steaks, again I found it strong and gamey bordering on unpleasant.
    I can't work it out as the animal was very young (this year's kid), very healthy, the entire process has been controlled by me, I am an experienced cook and eat a lot of venison and know how it should taste.
    Any ideas?
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    "24 hours at approx 12-14 C" left with the skin on may have quite an effect on the flavour. If the temp is above 10C I would process straight to the fridge as soon as cool. Once the outside temp gets as cold as the fridge you could leave hanging for longer with a more repeatable result.

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    Hamburger if you have left it our side the temp on the beast could have moved a bit more than you say and that does matter. Heat then to cool overnight back into double figures. With the possibility of a touch of direct light on it ??? Not going to make for the best meat i am afraid but it wont kill you if cooked thoroughly properly.

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