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Thread: Reloading manual.

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    Reloading manual.

    As I am new to reloading I am looking to buy a book to get my head around everything I need to lnow.
    So has anyone got a manual/book collecting dust any where?

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    Hi Scubadog,
    I have a few different manufacturers reloading books from various years that I would be willing to lend you one of.
    As you live in UK the same as me pop over and pick one out.

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    Scubadog a new manual isn't actually that costly.

    Nice offer by Eddi.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    send us a pm mate i have a few here if you need any help
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    typical just been on amazon bought same book about 20 mins ago, now just seen this thread!!! lucky for me a had a tenner voucher from amazon for a tenner from 2011 so book delivered only 12.95 but the 15 above deal is a bargain,,,,, can see that not hanging about long!

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