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Thread: WIP Knives, Muntjac and Muntjax...

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    WIP Knives, Muntjac and MuntjaX...

    The knives from my WIP thread, HERE!

    There are two sizes of the same knife here, the two on the right are the Muntjac, they measure in at 185mm overall with a cutting edge of around 85mm... The five larger ones on the left are, for now at least, named the MuntjaX (X for extra, see what I did there? ) and these are new, brand new as in these are the first MuntjaX ever made, these are sized at 225mm overall with 110mm of cutting edge, as you'll know all are made from the SF100 grade of SS...

    At the time these were photo'd, with the exception of one, they have not yet been blast finished on the handles, I think I will leave them this way for now so any future possible purchaser has the option of this brighter polished finish or indeed the blasted one, of course whichever way is chosen the blades can remain the bright satin you see here and the cost will remain the same...

    From left to right there you see;

    #545 with tan canvas Micarta over red liners SOLD

    #546 which has the same tan canvas Micarta but in this case it is cross cut, it has less shaping too, what I would call barrel shaped, not the palm swell and flared butt format

    #547 with green canvas Micarta over black liners, this one does have the blast finish SOLD
    #548 has black/green linen Micarta over green liners SOLD
    #549 is the same as 545 SOLD
    #551 bears green canvas Micarta over black liners SOLD
    #552 to finish off has the same as 548, black/green linen over green liners SOLD

    Here a few more photos, all remain in the same order just from a different perspective...

    ​And slightly closer in...

    Now the plan for these has always been this spec as detailed in that thread;

    Satin polished flat ground blades of the SF100 blade steel at 3mm stock
    Blasted handles
    Tapering tangs
    Two SS Hidden/Corby bolt fixings
    SS lined lanyard tube
    Kydex sheath, with an option of either RH or LH carry and either vertical or horizontal carry

    My goal for pricing them has been an all in 295 each.

    But my thinking has changed, I am offering them here and now with no sheaths and that option of blasted or not grips, this makes my life easier and reduces my outlay in what could turn out to stock on my shelf, as predominantly I make to order stock is not good for me, I don't like keeping a stock...

    I don't make sheaths myself, I never have, I concentrate on the knives and rely on expert sheath makers, to organise the sheaths for these not only sees and outlay of cash for me but possibly more than that a big investment of my time, and increased RMSD postal costs, I have to pack them to send them, go to the PO, pay for the sheaths and the return post, unpack them, sort them, repack them and post to you...

    As I said that is time and money in what might not sell...

    So, all the above knives are offered for sale as is, with a healthy discount to 195 all in, that get's the sheath'less knife to your door via RMSD in the UK and includes any payment fees.

    What this also does of course, which is very important to me, is gets the knives out there, into the hands of the folk who will use them, the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, well lets see how these get on

    As and when any sell I will mark it as such in the list in this post.

    One more thing, I cannot post any away until Monday, I am away now until then so the earliest your knife will arrive will be Tuesday next week.

    Cheers all, thank you, Stu.
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    I think I also ought to point out that I'm not about to leave you in the lurch here, I of course know where you can get these sheathed, depending upon what you want to go for...

    There is also a RMSD postage included in the asking price here, I can easily send the knife to the sheath maker with that, fully finished, it can then in turn be delivered straight to you from him...

    You getting these sheathed is very easy to organise and this way very cost effective for you...

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    While I think your knives are very smart do you think these really are munty knives they look very deep for going around the anus of a munty or is it just the name. for munty I use a mora 510 . ​cheers Norma

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    I am sure Muntjac is just the name.

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    Maybe they're designed to access the anus from the other end?

    I'm sure it's just a name.....
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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    Stewart, you have PM!

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    Sorry been a bit quiet, I'm upon the Lake District and signal is very poor at best....

    norma, as I'm back in the 'shop on Monday I'll get an exact measurement for you, I think you'll be surprised, ithey are maybe not as deep as the photos make them look?

    NickyA, I can't respond to your pm at all for some reason, #548 was sold earlier in the day yesterday I'm afraid, sorry...

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    Sorry for the delay folks, comms are tricky at best right now, I managed to drown my iPhone whilst in the Lakes and I have no internet at the 'shop

    The Muntjac and MuntjaX both have blade at around 23/24mm maximum depth, that reducing immediately and constantly towards the tip due to the shape of the blades...

    Hope that helps? Stu.

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    Lucky last available here now

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    These should be leaving for sheathing today, I'll include that last knife and get it Kydex'd up....

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