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Thread: Info 308 150sp from Hornady manual please

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    Info 308 150sp from Hornady manual please

    I'd be greatfull if anyone out there who has access to a Hornady manual could forward me the data, specificaly the max charge weight, for Vit N140 with the Hornady 150 gn Sp interlock (flat base ), product no 3031
    thanks in anticipation

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    8th edition lists 45.8gn N140 for the 308 Win 150gn #3031

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    Cheers Achosenman,
    As you can see if you see my other post, as I suspected, I'm well over that already, I suspect that the chrono might be out of calibration, so I'll check it against another.
    once again thanks for that

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    TBH mate I hadn't seen it. I very rarely use book recipe's since all my rifles are custom chambers.

    What I can tell you is that if you seat long you will need more powder to get back to advertised an extent. If you seat into the lands you need to reduce the powder to reduce the pressure. Large internal case volume will need more powder. Primers have a significant impact and it's not as straight forward as magnum/non-magnum.

    In short if you change a single component from a book recipe...all bets are off.

    I'm glad you use a chrony, considering another thread on SD, how else would you know you had a problem?

    Good luck mate.


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