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Thread: Permission letter Template

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    Permission letter Template

    I'm in the slightly odd situation of having a 308 and a 243 but no .22RF, and clearly that is unacceptable to I will be applying for a variation shortly.

    I have verbal pemission from a farmer mate who's land I know is cleared, but obviously I will need written permission for the application (still on 1st FAC and it's not "open") but my mate is a farmer and "may get round to it", one day. The sensible option is for me to draft a letter so all he has to do is sign it whilst pocketing the bottle of Sloe Gin. I'm sure I could write a decent letter from scratch, but before I do, does anyone know if a template for such a letter exists on here or with BASC, so I can be absolutely sure all the required info is present.

    Thanks for any help

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    There is a permission document on the Basc website

    here the link

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    Seems a very wordy letter not something I would particularly like to stick under a farmers nose prob ok if it's a mate

    I have a little notebook in which I ask them to sign a simple permission letter stating I have his permission to shoot with any suitable weapon for whatever it is ie fox game, vermin, simple and to the point.

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    legaleagle, not just (?) a pretty face!


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    Ah well you seen it first hand so you should know ..

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    Thanks for that, I should have guessed that BASC had it covered, Pest Control Permit looks the very thing, along with a map of his farm, I dont see the FEO having a problem, I know the land is already cleared for, at least, .22LR, I may ask for 243 on it too so I can hit Charlie for him

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    Try your local firearms department, they may have their own permission form which covers what they require....i know hampshire have this.

    may as well do it on their own form to keep things more simple and easier.

    Regards and hope it all goes well.


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    if u go on to the legal section on this forum there was a pretty simple templete which covers the basics and isn't to wordy or confusing for either urself or the farmer (not trying to say u or the farmer stupid by the way ) like legal eagle said above the more basic the better.
    i would try and put a link up to the thread but wouldn't have a clue how to do it

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