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Thread: Zeiss Victory Diarange 2.5x10x50

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    Zeiss Victory Diarange 2.5x10x50

    Just got one of these scopes with a chance of buying it, could do with some feedback before parting with a lot of money. If i bought it I want to mount it on my Blaser R93 what type of mounts do I need. Thanks

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    You will need a Blaser saddle mount that will accommodate a Zeiss railed scope. I have the 3-12x56 version on my 308. Great glass and the range finding function is brilliant. Good luck with it.

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    Thanks for the quick reply , I already have the saddle mount but thats fitted with an S and B 30mm tube scope, the diarange scope has a claw type fixing so you are saying I need a zeiss rail to suit my saddle mount remove the rings and the rail fixes to the two holes and then the scope mounts to that. Thanks Steve

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