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    Hi all,

    Anyone got any experience of Patterdales? a mate of mine has asked me to try and source a dog and 2 bitches to export.
    Apparently they are getting a following in Germany at the moment as deer/boar dogs.


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    If your friend is in Germany tell him to get a German Hunt Terrier, real fireballs! If he wants a patterdale try something from Brian Nuttall (Cheshire I think)or John Parkes in North Yorkshire. Something with Cyril Bray and Frank Bucks bloodline. Hard little dogs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man
    If your friend is in Germany tell him to get a German Hunt Terrier, real fireballs!
    Patterdales don't look far off though!

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    I've got a Pat,

    She's no where near as ugly as the brut above! She got a lovely short smooth coat -

    She is so bloody good when we're rough shooting its unreal - easily out-paces rabbits and most phesants shot have their arse feathers missing!

    Whines when she's put on a lead and tied to a tree when we're at the pond, and doesn't like cats in the back garden at all - she only barks when there is someone at the gate, and talks to you when she's put something up like a charlie or rabbit. (more like a cry!)

    As for a deer dog?!? She's good at finding them - but i suppose the lack of training in this area (on purpose) means she doesn't take much notice if they are just have to be near her as she has a good sniff!

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    30 yrs of working patterdales they make better earth dogs than hog dog's plenty of breeders of the working patterdales in germany ?

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    Got one myself - although he's been turned into a lap dog
    Taken his fair share of bunnies, and I really have to keep him to heel as he will start off after deer if he sees them before I do. Not sure whether I'll take him stalking with me when I get deer calibre on my ticket, but I'm sure he'd be capable with some work.
    Loads of character, and endless energy. Also very biddable and well trained for a terrier. Know exactly what Tommo says about the noises!

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    You got to love the working Lakeland /patterdale /fell Terrier its got the guts of a lion a nose better than most gun dogs and an attitude you need to admire or put up with but for god sake don't let your mate ask if he can try his dogs out a finding deer while they are good at it your butcher will be less impressed.

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    Orion , I guess you don't need a " DONK" when you have that behind you!

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