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Thread: pulsar 750 recon spotter any good ???

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    pulsar 750 recon spotter any good ???

    anyone got one of the above units ??? if so

    are they any good, and what distance can you spot things eg rabbit/fox @ with the in built ir in the unit ????



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    Had a couple of mates had these and moved them on pretty quickly which says it all.Theres a new one coming out shortly (X750 ?) thats supposedly a lot better so it might be worth waiting to see what thats like

    ​Got a look through one of these last week and its impressive

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    I had one on demo for a week and was not impressed, not as good as my old Ranger

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    I use 1 connected to a 7" monitor in my truck - illumination is provided by a NM800IR & the image quality on the screen is excellent. I have tried using it purely as a hand held spotter using the built in IR & it's poor & it's heavy on batteries - but if you add a T20IR torch or an NM800IR torch the image is much clearer & the battery lasts several hours.

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    I have one with an NM 800IR. I have to admit, I haven't had access to anything else to compare it with except a really old gen 1. The picture takes a bit of fiddling with , along with running the NM800 on its' lowest settings and adjusting the positioning of it so it doesn't white out the picture. I think the picture is OK, useable out to 300m anyway. The inbuilt illuminator gives a grainier picture, and at distance the benefits of the NM800 are clear.
    Based on my experience of this unit, I decided that I wouldn't bother getting a demo of the DFA75 unit I was pondering, and that for now this would just be used for observation before turning on the lamp.
    I think there are major improvements to come in digital NV, and the prices should drop as well.
    I could be convinced to part with my whole setup which is in a Peli case should you wish...

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    I have just bought the nitesite spotter, currently on offer with 100 discount through dealers (still steep at 795 though!). Excellent range, clarity and picture quality with good inbuilt battery life. After using an ns200 for the last 12 months i have also got used to using it fairly quickly but it definitely benefits from having a screen filter fitted and would not use one without it. No retina burn when in use and weighs, handles and performs like a traditional lamp. Release has been delayed for months but its definitely been worth the wait. Dave.

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