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Thread: Yukon Ranger Pro 5x42 - any good?

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    Yukon Ranger Pro 5x42 - any good?

    I am thinking of buying one of these, but would like to know if the built-in IR lamp sufficient for foxing distances?. I would be grateful for any input.

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    Hello Peter.
    I have just got mine and been out once with it.still early days for me.
    Its mounted on fac Daystate and scored one bunny so far.
    I would say good for foxes upto 100m.
    It can be fitted with a doubler- look on nightvisionuk. With doubler it requires added light also same forum 501b or t20.
    CORRECTION-nightvisionforumuk, look for marky610 on youtube also.


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    Are you meaning the monocular for a spotter or the riflescope? Presumably the nv spotter

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    Yes, the spotter, I was unaware that there is a riflescope of the same name

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    Sorry Peter,
    I'm in ******** mode. I quickly saw the title as Yukon Photon,the rifle scope doh.


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    The Ranger pro is barely any different to the standard one and definitely not worth the extra. The Ranger was one of the first digital spotters about. All will do foxing distances thanks to the advances in ir led technology the only real difference between them is the eye piece. I like the look of the new Hawke one, specs look good for the price and I get my hands on one on Monday. Pulsar do a whole range but I've never got to play with one. Then theres the Bresser/Newton (same thing), cheap as chips, still works out to foxing range with added ir but the eyepiece is primitive. Then theres the Armasight Prime, the list goes on and on.

    I'm trying to put together a selection of the digital spotters out there to do a comparision video.

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