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    I'm wanting to know what people think of thermal image cameras for spotting ?
    Im interested from owners what they really think are they worth it ?
    What situations are they good in , also entering a field say how quick can you cover it with thermal and what speed . Also can you flick over stuff and is it practice to identify things and what to look out for .

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    I use an HD38. I can scan a field in less than 30 seconds and move on. You learn real quick to recognise different heat signatures from different animals. Inverting the image will give a clearer outline of the heat source. If any part of the heat source is within line of sight you will pick it up.

    I would not be without it...period.

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    Likewise, I too have an HD38. I too would not be without it...period

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    I use a guide 518c and its a great bit of kit not to good on the hills when the rocks have absorbed the sun during the day

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    How good do you find them in the pishing rain? Mine's not much use (FLIR Photon) out beyond about 100m after a while.

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    Call me old fashioned maybe I am, but I think I'll stick to my zeiss

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    Cheers for reply can you explain on certain things like limitations how.
    Topic is Thermal cameras where do Zeiss come into it ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlz90 View Post
    Call me old fashioned maybe I am, but I think I'll stick to my zeiss
    They don't do too well in the pitch black though, do they.

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    I think they're wrong- period.
    May as well just take a punt gun on a pheasant shoot
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    Quote Originally Posted by achosenman View Post
    They don't do too well in the pitch black though, do they.

    No I suppose they don't but if I want to look at wildlife at night I use a lamp anyway I ain't knocking thermal gear but for spotting deer in a hunting situation or just general observation I like the conventional glass, I read the OP as using the thermal for spotting deer while in hunt mode if that is what he meant in his post ?

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