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Thread: Zeiss for NF

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    Zeiss for NF

    I have a Zeiss 3-12 x 50 which I'm interested in swapping for something
    with a little more magnification, possibly a NF or something along those lines.
    My Zeiss is as new, non illuminated version.

    Money either way.

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    I might be tempted to do a swap plus a bit of cash with you, I have a NF 12 to 42 x mag, it's a big bugger, is that any good to you?
    is yours a 30 mil tube?
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    Hi mate, thanks for the suggestion but the minimum x12 mag is too high for me,
    i'm looking for something which I can use for stalking but also lend itself to
    some paper punching.
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    Just for clarity, my scope is the Duralyt .. 30mm

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