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Thread: Shotgun Case Refurbishment

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    Shotgun Case Refurbishment

    Can anyone make a recommendation as to who to approach to have a leather shotgun case refurbished. It's rather tired & battered and the handle has split. I'd rather like to get it repaired and in use again.

    ​Thanks in anticipation.

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    Try Saddler on here.
    His work is very very good.

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    If it's just the external leather then my recommendation would be to look for a saddler locally and go to see them with the case to discuss what you want done and agree work and price etc.

    If you need the internals done as well then you could try Peter Dyson (can be found using Google) as I believe they do refurbishment work, they certainly sell all the bits you need to do it as I have just bought a load from them including specially dyed baize for an Edwardian rook rifle case. Wendy Dyson is a very helpful lady.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I will look into both those options.



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