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Thread: Teakel tracking

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    Teakel tracking

    Fantastic bit of work from an American FB friend,
    thought some of the SD members may like to see it,
    There hunting and stalking is very different from ours and so are there laws on tracking,
    hope the link works.

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    Nice track and a guest vocals from Johnny Cash! Well done Rob. How many hours after the shot, the buck looks well set.

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    forgot to say have a look at the bit where this little dog tracks across the river it is quite impressive.

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    Very impressive Tony nice vid can i make a few comments tell your friend to cut the music and what happened to the EYE test before he grabs the rack

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    very interesting indeed watching a different breed work,switching between the ground scent and air scenting to go back on track, that was a heck of a distance,atb wayne
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    good stuff

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    Great to watch. I knew they were good little dogs. Great to see her track across the water too.

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    Nice track, thanks for posting up the vid!

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    I enjoyed watching that, an amazing track.

    I'm surprised that more stalkers don't use teakel's, they must be slightly cheaper to keep than the larger breeds and require less room?

    Thanks very much for sharing.

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    Not much of a shot but a great track, been thinking of a teakel for a while, that just seals the deal!


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