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Thread: First Blood - Cull Roe Doe

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    First Blood - Cull Roe Doe

    Managed to get out in NE Fife with an excellent local guide and his excellent moderated Blaser and 4-30X56 Swaro. Had to leave my own rifle as my flight case broke the evening before flying.

    Walking up over a rise, we spotted a group of six or so Roe in a hollow below us at 100m range. Crept around behind a bush, set the rifle up on sticks for a standing shot aiming at the dead ground left of the bush, so that they would walk into our line of fire and I could select an animal with us making minimal movement.

    The animals then slowly began to expose themselves and walk into the kill zone. Keeping my finger off the trigger I scoped up on each animal from left to right while the guide looked for the cull animal. The first three plodded slowly past, right to left, Mother, Buck, Buck. Second group follows the same way; Doe, Doe, Mother. The middle Doe was then identified as the target animal. My heartbeat stayed slow and may have even dropped as I was fully relaxed, no buck fever and no sense of urgency. We had them and I felt that a kill at this stage was merely a bonus. The two young Does kept walking in front of each other so no clear shot presented. Mother walked past both, then finally they strung themselves out with the target doe clear in the middle. I zoomed up to 11x (from 5x) - aimed at the left shoulder, squeezed and...bang, recoil meant I lost view of the target - so I reloaded and zoomed down to 5x again and waited.

    The group froze then continued moving towards the trees very slowly. I could have taken three or four more had it been the order of play. Finally, they moved off sharpish as group. They clearly had no idea what was going on though, as mother turned back and started to come back looking for the missing doe - only when we broke cover and approached did she move back into the treeline.

    Approached the shot animal after ten minutes and it was as dead as they come. No entry wound to speak of, but a clear 1.5 inch exit wound. The doe must have lifted its nearside leg as the shot was taken as on the gralloch the bullet had entered behind the left shoulder and punched straight through the dead centre of the heart - splitting it like some kind of romantic "broken heart" graphic, exiting through the right shoulder. Only a wee thing, it was knocked over with the bullet impact and was likely dead before it hit the ground.

    Nice clean first kill, whew.

    Thanks to an excellent guide who got us onto the beasts, kept me relaxed and kept the complication factors low, allowing me to to focus on the shot; then gave an excellent gralloch instruction.

    Kit was a Blaser R93 in 6.5x55 loaded with 129gr homeload ballistic tips. Scope was a Swaro 4-30x56 (or similar) with ballistic turrets Z5 or something in that vein

    Click image for larger version. 

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    excellent write up really pleased for you bet your made up
    as you say sounds like the guide knows his stuff also
    you only have to look at the kit used
    BLASER / SWAROVSKI Deadly combo
    ​regards pete

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    well done! sounds a good guide , just how it should be done .

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    Nice one.
    It`s good to get the season started with a nice day like that.

    I managed 3 yesterday and have just spent all morning processing for the freezer !

    The venison broth is on.

    What was the damage like with such a large ballistic tipped bullet ? I shoot all my Roe with 50gr .222 and find it ideal for the job.
    I`ve dropped them with 80`s from a .243 for years , but never with anything that large.


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    On the way in the hole was tiny, the bullet went through a rib and the shock cracked two more ribs about three ribs back from the entry point - you can see on the pic. a second hole further back, this is one of those other ribs poking out not the entry hole. The heart was incised in two, one half was shredded. The exit was through the far shoulder and left a perfect 1.5 inch circle on the way out.

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    Was there much in the way of hydrostatic shock to the larger muscles ?

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