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Thread: first day beating

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    first day beating

    Took my nephew for his first day beating yesterday, and I couldn't believe how much he enjoyed himself and especially how well he was behaved and polite when people where talking to him!

    Being the sensitive sole he is I was a bit jubious about taking him as he loves his animals but I thought I'd give it a go and I was completely shocked. He carried a cock and a hen bird but they got to heavy for him and when I had to put a stubborn duck out of its misery in full view ( didn't really want to have to do it there but it was in the middle of a drive) and he didn't bat an eye lid.

    For a child that's six years old, walked a few miles, it was throwing it down windy and cold. He did not moan once about it apart from a bit of tummy ache. I was amazed at how he behaved yesterday.

    And it can't be all that bad as he is already asking when we are going again and when can he come and have pheasant and duck for tea!

    Start them young I say!


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    congratulations on a great day out with your nephew. I hope it is the first of many and the start of a love for shooting for him.

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    Great stuff.I started beating again when my lad wanted a saturday job.He found it hard work when he was young, and i thought he would lose interest as he got older, but he loves it and gets beating on other shoots by himself now while hes a student for a bit of pocket money.

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    Took my 6 and 4 year old sons last year and now the eldest has his own Lab and can't wait to learn to pick up and go on his own. We are lucky as the school he goes to has 3 children from the same farming family and he is joining them this season, its more children than adults in the beating line and they all love it, nice little family shoot, 50 to 80 bird days. Again he is a very sensitive young man, but he happily carries them , helps me prep them and then eats them!

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