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    sako mag

    hi my sako 75 will not lift the round from the mag consistently. I,m assuming its a problem with the spring in the magazine, my problem is I have a friend coming from Denmark next weekend so would like to get it sorted for then. can anyone please tell me if there is a handy way to fix this thanks

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    Have you had this problem before? Or is it a new rifle? Or have you had the Mag apart recently?

    It might be that the spring is in the wrong way round, it's quite common to find in rifles with feeding issues in my experience.


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    hi its not a new rifle, might try taking the spring out. do you know can I buy a new spring

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    Just take a quick look at the spring and maybe turn it around then try some dummy rounds to check function. If this doesn't work you'll maybe need a smith to look at it i'm afraid as something else might not be aligning properly, I'd offer to take a look at it but I doubt I'm anywhere nearby yourself.


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    thanks snag but were far apart im in n. Ireland, gonna put in a new spring. cheers

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