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Thread: Cull Stalking Hampshire Roe Fallow & Muntjac

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    Cull Stalking Hampshire Roe Fallow & Muntjac

    Hi Guys,

    I am offering some cull stalking on an Estate near Winchester, Hampshire.

    I am fully booked with SD members for November, however have some spaces free December onwards...

    Cull Animals: Roe Does, Fallow Does and Bucks Prickets "Non Palmated Bucks", Munjac Does and Bucks...

    The day will consist of 2 sessions morning and evening between 3 - 4 Hours...

    There is no limit of cull animals for Fallow & Muntjac, however Roe Does have been limited to 2 per day, with additional Roe Does @ 30... This change has been implemented to try and focus on the Fallow & Muntjac, there are plenty of all 3 species the Roe Does are just a little less challenging...

    Our aim is to do our best to put you in touch with all three species over the course of the day...

    The Stalking will be a mixture of Stalking and High Seat Shooting depending on conditions...

    There is no CW or AW services...

    The Cost of the Day is 150... There is no additional fee's except Palmated Trophy Fallow Bucks are 150 however this will be instructed to you prior to shooting by your Stalker...

    There is the possibility of an Estate Rifle please feel free to contact me about this I must know prior to booking if you require this facility...

    The Venison remains the property of the Estate, however can be purchased...

    Valid FAC & Insurance is required...

    Accommodation can be organised, however contact me for further details...

    Finally to give you some confidence in booking I would like to add that should you leave empty handed having not shot a beast or shot at a beast "hence missed" over the two sessions, then i would invite you back at a later date that suits both of us in order to give you a chance to shoot a cull animal free of charge...

    Please PM me for further details if required or contact me on 07718747217...

    I think thats all in there but let me know if you require more information...

    I have cleared this with Admin, Thank You JAYB...



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    have you got any set dates???


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    If you have any dates in January that are weekends could you please sign me up for one. PM Sent.



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    Scott PM Sent
    Cheers Alex

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    Happy Customer

    Just wanted to offer a word of thanks to Alex and Phil for a fantastic days stalking yesterday - very happy customer here.

    Thanks for being super friendly and super helpful, I'd thoroughly recommend these guys to anyone!

    Just a shame about that elusive Munty buck - if it wasn't for that tree being in the way...

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    Thanks Kieran it was a pleasure for Phil and I to take you out...

    As for the munty him or his brother will be there next time mate will just have to hope he doesn't make a habit of sneaking up behind trees...

    Take care,



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    I would also like to say thank you for last Thursday.
    I will find time to do a write up of the day, but it was a fantastic experience for my first time stalking and I would imagine a wonderful day for experienced stalkers.
    My wife is happy with the venison, even though she was was a bit shocked when I brought them home!

    I will be back for a gold medal Muntjac!

    Thanks Lads!


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    Rich it was a pleasure for Phil and I...
    Was good to get you your first deer, that memory of that Roe will last a while... Also to get a Munty on your 1st stalk I feel puts you in a special group of stalkers...


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