Collecting from my RFD this week the Howa 7mm WSM which I bought here from dropmdead - cheers chap! It seems like it's been a long time coming but there's not been any rush and I've been happy to fit in my rfd's travel plans.

Now I need to start thinking about a scope but I don't yet know for certain how I'm going to be using the rifle: it's a sporter so it's as likely to get stalking use as it is getting 600 yard range time.

Nothing in the spares cupboard except a 10x Super Sniper mildot with side parallax: at 10x it's a bit mighty for the kind of sub-100 yard shots which present themselves out stalking but its reputation is such that it shouldn't be troubled by the recoil. Need to mind all those target turrets whilst sneaking through the woods though.

Could be starting from a worse place and it serves me right for buying a rifle on impulse!