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Thread: 'Grassing' a buck.

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    'Grassing' a buck.

    To 'grass a buck' is a term I'm sure many of us have heard before.

    Any ideas on the origins of it?

    After a bit of research I have my own thoughts on where it came from, and it might not be either literal nor modern.

    Starter for ten anyone?

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    Grassing a deer is not a term that I would use. I think grassing really refers to salmon but i'm not sure. JC

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    I always understood it to mean when you shot one & it fell it was "grassed" i.e. down in the grass.


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    T he first time I ever came across the expression was in relation to fish not deer.


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    Deer aren't usually associated with grass, it is usually woodland.
    I know I know more Deer are shot on the edge of woodland but the average person thinks of Deer and Woods or Forests.
    River banks are (nearly) always grass and that is the only time I have heard of anything (fish) being grassed.
    'Normal' fish are landed, but Salmon, when caught, have always been referred to as Grassed
    The only reference to Deer being shot dead is when they are 'downed' but there isn't a common word regarding them that I have heard of.

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    Seems to be an acceptable term these days, along with rolling something over. Steve.

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