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Thread: Pheasant breast

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    Pheasant breast

    Any one got a tastey different recipe too cook pheasant breast?
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    one way we cook them is to fillet out the breast , lie it down and slice it horizontly again so you actualy end up with double the amount of fillets only thiner , roll them in cajun seasoning ,dip them in egg ,then breadcrumbs then fry them until golden brown , i find them best not overcooked ,it will be a good thread to see other ideas ,atb arron.

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    I just use the breast, garlic and butter wrapped in silver foil don't overcook .


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    Cut a slot down the meat and insert some chutney or other filling of choice. I have used quince cheese to good effect. Wrap in bacon, or parma ham, season to taste and roast as usual.

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    Have a look here.
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    Wrapped in bacon oven cooked (dont over cook it) Served with some fried mushrooms. Delicious

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    Slice a pouch into it and fill with garlic butter... flour the outside and egg and breadcrumb it and into the oven.... A Retro one

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    cant beat it in a casserole with onions and carrots

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    In any curry as a substitute for chicken.

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    Sliced thin strips dip in beaten egg yolk then roll in seasoned flour
    pan fry hot n quick


    1teaspoon Dijon mustard
    2 teaspoons runny honey mix for few seconds till emulsified
    add soy sauce to taste

    have with beer

    finger food
    pheasant with hot sweet n sour dip
    ​ace !!!

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