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Thread: Two lost dogs Lincs.

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    Two lost dogs Lincs.

    Driving back on the A17 this afternoon we had two incidents with dogs on the road.

    First one was a fox red coloured cocker spaniel, it bolted across the road between the RAF College and the Macdonalds to the south. I missed it by an inch and the van behind me missed us by an inch! I didn't go back as the traffic was very heavy and I can't really see what I could have done to help. If anyone knows of one missing in the area then this sighting may help.

    Second incident ten minutes later, again on the A17 by the farm shop with the 105mm light gun, just up from the B1515 turn. Alaskan Malamute walking down the road! Car in front and us both stopped and we caught it. I took it to a local vet to get it scanned but it wasn't chipped. Left it with the vet in Boston.

    If anyone knows anything or wants more details just give me a call on 07920 452448.

    Vet said that they always get alot of missing dogs and RTC's around this weekend due to fireworks.

    Hope both dogs get reunited. We have tried to contact the local radio stations but know answers so we'll try again in the morning.


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    Just a thought, if anyone wants to copy this onto other forums please do. I have very limited internet access on my phone only at present.

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    I have copied this to another shooting forum

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    posted on FB and others

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    nice one guys , hope if i lost my dog someone would do the same thing , owners must be worried sick !

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    Just a thought on the cocker. It may have been on a shoot day in the area. Anyone know the local keepers. Way out of my area but just a thought.

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    I am on the Cranwell shoot, it was not us that day, but there are others. I will keep an ear out.

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