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Thread: Wanted - 243 set up

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    Wanted - 243 set up


    Awaiting my variation arriving, but it has been approved, so I am now looking for a rifle set up. My budget is 800 to an absolute max 1000 for the right kit - I have a few rifle only or rifle/mod combos on the back burner, but ideally I want the full works, ready to go. If nothing comes up I will probably go with a Howa combo new.

    Looking for something like a M595, CZ550 or a T3, but I may be dreaming at this budget. Needs a mod, and a decent scope, ideally a fixed mag better quality one - again my dream would be a S&B or old Swaro 6 x 42 or so.

    ​Anything out there? I have spent days on guntrader etc and know what's about in the shops, but nothing really jumping out at me.

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    Have you been to wragby for a chat with the lads there?! Well worth a shot, they could get you what you want or sort you out one way or another, can't recommend them enough!!


    ​ YB

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    No, is that a gunshop? Been to MGR and Derek Lee, little about at the moment?

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    For Sale: Ruger M77 Mk2 .243

    I added better photos further into the post. Rifle in v.good condition. Shoots well. Scope clarity is on par with swaro and S+B (which I also have mounted on other rifles to make the comparison). With your budget you could get it screw thread, recrowned and proofed and still have money left over.

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    Howa combo.... Brand New .you got it right first time,
    get everything you need in that package,
    two shots on the range you`re ready to go stalking

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    Done just that today, thanks to Yellowbellies recommendation of a gunshot.

    Thanks for all those who offered rifles for sale, I am now sorted.

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