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Thread: Beginners book on shooting/ballistics/targetting etc

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    Beginners book on shooting/ballistics/targetting etc

    I'm a relatively novice shooter. 20something years ago I shot pistol for my university as well as national level archery. I've recently bought an air rifle to rekindle some of that and recently obtained my shotgun certificate, as I plan to do rough shooting and some clays. The air rifle is getting me interested in target type shooting too but I know very little about it or ballistics. I'm looking for a book, or online reference, to read in not too technical a language that will explain basic ballistics, using a scopw (thinks like holdover, judging windage, bullet drop etc) so that I can work on them in advance of applying for my FAC next year. My target for the air rifle once I'm sufficiently competent is bunnies in our field and that will be where I step up to fac for .22lr at first but with a view to upgrading my skills to be able to stalk at some point.

    Be grateful for any reading suggestions.


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    look on you tube and search 1967spud
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    Try a copy of "Understanding Firearms Ballistics" by Robert A Rinker. It is available on Amazon, and goes from beginners level, up to 'intermediate' level, and includes shotguns and air rifles.

    Understanding Firearm Ballistics: Robert Rinker: Books

    (There does appear to be a slight glitch with the prices at the moment, my copy only cost me 15.00 including postage)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post

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    i will lend you a copy, am a reguler visitor to Credition area or can mail it to you, pm me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    i will lend you a copy, am a reguler visitor to Credition area or can mail it to you, pm me.

    That explains a lot, i always wondered if there was a connection with your username.

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    No competly incorrect, you will have to try better than that. Well the roads were certainly wet in Devon this am.


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