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Thread: Jahti Jakt classic suit

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    Jahti Jakt classic suit

    Hi guys, I bought one of these, just wanted to know if anyone has got one of these and what do they think of it? I got it for 190, but they say it's normally 250. Cheers

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    Sorry to post negatively but you did ask what people thought! I bought one at the time they were flooding the market. I must say the most important part of my gear is coat and trousers, and the trousers failed severely, over and over. All the waterproof tape on the seams went hard, scratchy then brittle and fell apart, the trousers fell apart at the stitching, and they tore at the sheer sight of a bramble. As the waterproof tape fell apart so soon, they were not waterproof and it was a weekly job to sew them back together. They would have been fine for going and standing on a peg and never meeting a bramble, but that's not my type of shooting.

    The coat was fine, same material so beware of bramble but not as much bramble at that height/level. Could take a shower but not a soaking. Do not wash it as the shoulders that have the sort of leather look fade incredibly and look awful if you do wash it.

    The thermals were ok but I do not think tight/warm enough; fleece was good still use that. And of course a hat that is still going, somewhere in the cupboard!

    Within a season of using it I started to value good kit much more that I could rely on. Funny for those around me but I left half my trousers behind one day out on a walk around with my dog and a friend! Caught on a wild rose and they just split up the seam! I then turned to Harkila trousers and jacket, and merino wool thermals, and this year added a swazi tahr coat. A lot of monies worth of kit but of the 200 I spent on my Jahti Jakt kit I had a season out of it and only use the fleece now. Expensive fleece! The harkila trousers are on their 5th year as is the jacket, as for the swazi tahr, superb!

    If I was given a jahti jakt kit I would enjoy having something smart looking but keep it for walking the dog. I have had better wear out of army surplus trousers and almost as waterproof.

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    Now that is a review, thank you mate, much appreciated. Seems like I'll only be able to wear it when I take the Mrs for a walk around the block!

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    I have to agree with Stalker 308, I gave the suit the benefit of the doubt and purchased a second, however it was just as un-waterproof as the first. The trousers were especially poor, you couldn't even sit down on damp ground let alone stand up in pouring rain.
    Shame really the outfit looks the part, having said all that I still use mine for lamping foxes but I wont be buying another.

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    Sportsman gun centre rusky. If offer still on. Out on Saturday and it was well tested. Don't wear jacket lining until temp drop or you will cook.

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    StalkerUK, I just write as I find, and many people may well not like the harkila Pro Hunter, but what I learnt from my Jahti Jakt experience was that a material for a set of trousers must be tough and durable, the waterproofing will then be protected whatever it is, and this is the failure of the JJ products. I take my HPR to a black lab training group as I think the exercises and discipline benefits the retrieving side of my HPR; the people I see wearing the JJ gear are the same who were wearing it 7 years ago when I bought mine and they are lady 'black lab' handlers... that is not a generalisation of the women in the sport just at this group, where labs pick up on grass fields on high class shoots and the gear does not get the day to day use yu or I would expect of it.

    I learnt early on buy cheap buy twice and although a harkila pair of trousers will set you back 200 ish, they will mean you are warm, dry and they will last a long time.

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    I bought the Classic suit and used it all season for beating, wore well, but the waterproof layer is the middle one and the outside layer acts as a mahoosive sponge, it weighed 7 kilos more when it was wet! I then bought the next model up, and it is brilliant. In my opinion the Classic is fine for dry days, but no good when persisting down.



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    Cheers guys, thank you for the replies, will give it a go and see what happens.

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