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Thread: anyone going?

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    anyone going?

    As title really is anyone off here going?

    Carleton Rode Village Hall
    Nr Attleborough Norfolk NR16 1NQ
    An open evening giving everyone the opportunity of talk and
    And a chance to catch up those working in the industry and other
    recreational deer managers
    November 26th 2009
    7 pm for 7.30 pm
    Norma Chapman Muntjac - their success, our
    Trevor Banham Carcass handling, from shot to
    larder and beyond
    Zeiss Optics
    Free Entry Pay Bar
    For further information contact:
    David Hooton: DI: 01842 890 798
    Nick Rout: BDS: 07771 633140
    Simon Reinhold: BASC: 01284 728752

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    I went to the same evening in Hertfordshire the other week - it was a good evening and very well attended.

    There was very informative talk about lead bullets from the vet Peter Green. However the chap from Zeiss went on and on and then went on some more. By the time they were about to draw the raffle, everyone was half asleep!

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    If its run by East Anglia Branch BDS yes I will be there, if its run by the DI they can shove it where the sun dont shine


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    Max keep your friends close and your enemies...

    Always worth a bit of espionage if it is the DI

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    Thats so true legaleagle69, I may just go at that as I have just heard DI are just "a little" involved



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    Nice one Andy, where did you find that? I'll be coming along for sure.

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    Max - you have a dilemma! The evening is jointly organised by BDS, BASC and the DI...

    Might see you there though?


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    well i shall be going. i look forward to meeting some of you local guys

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