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Thread: Darswed teckels

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    Darswed teckels

    Hi all, I've been searching the web a good looking teckel (one that doesn't have a mass of fur) I found darswed teckels and they look perfect, every single link I click on to go to there website says ' server cannot be found' .

    Does anyone know why this is, are darswed finished ?


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    I was on their site a few days back, not looking for a teckel but found it by accident, and it was up and working fine then, though I didn't try to contact them, so many they are just having server or ISP problems?
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    Ive just used Yahoo to search for them, it came up with their homepage and link worked perfectly for me.
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    Hi caorach, just tried again, ( 5.10pm ) still says server cannot be found, I go on loads of sites with no problem.
    can anyone else on here just check out there site to see if it's just me ' darswed teckels '

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    Cheers , I'll try through that search engine ��

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    Just tried and nawt
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    Hi Hxsimon,
    try this link just in case search engine is misdirecting you,

    Home, Darswed Teckels - Darswed Teckels

    Works OK for me,


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    Sorry guys , I am / was doing the search from my iPhone and it didn't find it, just went on my laptop and found it, which begs the question why didn't my iPhone find it when it finds everything else

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