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Thread: Boar feed station

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    Boar feed station

    A couple of weeks ago i set up a feed station to attract Boar in a small field with woodland on both sides, i attached an automatic feeder to a tripod and set it to go off at 3.30pm, i fixed a wildlife camera to a tree overlooking the feeder, i left it for a few days and had images on the camera of badgers and a couple of fallow does,
    monday evening after the storm i visited the field to see if the feeder was still standing, all was well, i went to check the camera but it had been stolen, yesterday afternoon i went with my son arriving at 2.45pm, we climbed into the highseat in the hopes that deer might visit the field, just after 3pm a fox came out of the wood and sat by the feeder then another and another, in the end we had five foxes sitting waiting for the feeder to scatter the mixture of maize and peanuts, when it did they all started feeding, we waited until it was almost dark and decided to thin them out a bit,
    we got ready and i said on the count of three shoot, my fox went down and i was just about to shoot another when my son said thats bloody dangerous so i stopped thinking he was talking about the shot i was about to take but When he had taken his shot it launched his atec- maxim about thirty yards up the field, i can only assume that he had cross threaded the unit on the start of the thread and slightly off center, on inspection two of the baffles were damaged but not enough to cause concern and the unit screwed onto the barrel ok, i think my son and the fox had a lucky escape.

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    sorry to here about the camera and glad you both where ok it could have been nasty, atb wayne
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    Couldn't help but laugh at them sneaky foxes lol, have had similar with squirrels pinching my barley.

    What feeder setup did you use mate ? Interested in looking to setup something similar

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    hi lloyd 90 i helped Les set this up, the feeder he used came off ebay 68 plus postage it came with a small solar panel to charge a burglar alarm size battery, you can set up to nine feed times per day for five seconds upwards, also it has three spin speed settings, his is fixed under an old plastic dustbin, i must admit i had a little chuckle when he told me about the foxes all sitting watching the feeder,
    cheers geoff
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    As Geoff said the feeder came from ebay, It looks a very well made unit and has a three you guarantee, just made a metal safe out of an ex army ammunition box to protect the new camera, they will have to work hard to nick this one
    ​atb les

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