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Thread: Scotland Stalking advice?

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    Scotland Stalking advice?

    I'm planning a boys trip up North next year with a mate of mine. We've not been before, so quite excited. I'm just pulling together a bit of info really.

    Our initial plan is to take advantage of family in Orkney and use the accomidation they have as a base for a few days to target the Geese - we will be looking at mid - end of Oct.

    However as the South Coast to North of Scotland is a hellishly long way, we have considered stopping for a few days to do some stalking on the way back. All my stalking to date has been lowland for mainly Roe and the odd Sika, Ive never paid for a stalk so its all new to me.

    So, advice please! What's available, what sort of prices should I consider, and advice on who to use?

    Thanks in advance.


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    It may sound silly , but your right at the cross over of stags and hinds so price is going to vary vastly if its before or after 20 th oct , if your into the hind season there may well be some rutting still going on which would be a bonus to see , hope you get sorted ,arron.
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    Lots and lots of options, I would go direct to the estate, but agents can be useful. If you are going/coming from Orkney then I would suggest somewhere along the A9. The below is quite central but you may chose to go further north or south, all have stunning scenery and good stalking.

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    Where do i start, loads of options. A9 is a good guide for efficiency but you can be anywhere from there in a couple of hours. You will need to book in advance to get quality stag days in the last 5 days of the season, don't be disappointed if your first calls don't result in a booking, many beats have repeat customers (depending how good they are). Be prepared to pay 275 to 400 for a beast at that time of year. If you are spending that sort of cash go somewhere picturesque and perhaps try and go where they still use ponies (i am an advocate of this). PM and i will give you a few leads/recommendations.

    Alternatively go for the hinds, 200 to 250 per day and you could nail 2 to 5 beasts. ...... Or do both in different locations if its a boys trip!

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