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    New to shooting

    Hi, im Jamie live in central scotland, shot with air rifles for a few years, recently got in to clay pidgeon shooting (Shotgun certificate aplication is in 4 weeks tomorow) just landed my first shooting permision on a friends parents farm, getting a bit anoyed with the lack of range of the air rifles so have spoke to the farmer and he has no issue with me using a rifle on his land, lots of good back stops to catch bullets so going to apply for a FAC once my shotgun certificate is granted (fingers crossed)

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    Good luck with the licenses and happy shooting!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hi Jamie, why don't you see if you can change your current application to a co-terminus application that way you could save yourself some money. As a Scot I'm sure that you would appreciate that. Drop the firearms department an email today to see if it's possible or have a chat with the FEO.
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